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Individual, Marriage, and Family Therapy

Short-term, Problem-focused Counseling

  • Adjusting to transitions
  • Discovering sources of inner strength and direction
  • Defining personal values and individual goals
  • Applying personal values to vocational choices
  • Forming "family of choice" among friends and neighbors when families are scattered or fractured
  • Moving beyond victimization and "burnout"

Reasons some clients
have come for help

  • "The company I helped to build has been bought out and they didn't keep me on. I don't know what's next in my life."
  • "My daughter married right out of college and never needed a job. Now she is divorced and wants to move home with the children."
  • "I have a degree in finance, but I'm underemployed. My company heaps on more work, but offers no advancement."
  • "Why is my family so upset over what I did? They act as if I had done it to them!"
  • "Retirement is not at all what I expected."