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Résumé of James N. Miller, LCSW

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Management of four-county, four-site behavioral health agency with 90 employees and a budget of over $5 million, providing mental health, addiction rehabilitation, and preventive services for children and their families.  Addressed severe dysfunction in the Finance Department and prepared and implemented a corrective action plan that met the  requirements of a major funding source; finalized the previously negotiated sale of the organization’s consumer credit counseling program to an entity better suited to carry out its functions; successfully implemented prior agreements to relocate the management office and major service site to a facility one-third the size of the one vacated;  achieved significant progress in modifying persistent cultural patterns of working independently and autonomously without adequate cross training or backup, in developing consistent practices and protocols for procurement, service delivery, and accountability, in replacing disharmony and frustration between and among top management, clinical services, and business and financial services units with collaboration and cooperation, and in empowering the Board of Directors to fulfill its governance functions; served as consultant to the Board of Directors in designing and carrying out a successful search for a competent new President and CEO.
Administered deeply troubled agency in period of crisis following major misappropriation of funds and dismissal of the executive and two other staff persons. Maintained service delivery (transportation of frail elderly persons to medical appointments and other "life needs" destinations); negotiated payment plans with the Indiana Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service; managed cash flow to pay current obligations and reduce overdue accounts so as to avoid service curtailment by essential vendors; assembled information for a 30-month audit; responded to requests for information needed for criminal investigation, subsequent prosecution, and determination of restitution to be paid by the former executive; drafted restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; revised employee handbook; negotiated renewed grants and contracts; secured a foundation grant to serve as a line of credit; provided coaching regarding oversight responsibilities of the Board of Directors; and developed and helped to implement an executive search process.
Administration and program direction of a multi-function family serving agency having a budget of $2.5 million, a staff of over 50 professionals, and a history of more than 100 years of highly reputable service to the Dayton and Miami Valley area. Current offerings include a range of counseling services, education for family life and responsible citizenship, services for the deaf, and an award-winning community building program. Initiated internal reorganization to provide greater program integration and efficiency, revisited the efficacy of scaled-down administrative structure, engaged the Board of Trustees in examination of the Board-Executive partnership and assumption of governance responsibilities with renewed vigor, extended the agency's accredited and licensed status, and provided substantial assistance to the Board in the design and implementation of the search process for a permanent Executive Director.
(Also employed by this organization 1955-58 -- see below).
Administration of small, nonprofit, family-serving social agency with a budget of approximately $550,000 annually. Agency is in continuing transition from a single program focus on traditional in-office counseling to broader programs serving families and promoting healthy, stable family life. Current offerings include Employee Assistance Plans, Consumer Credit Counseling, and tobacco-use cessation and prevention programs. Agency is also in transition from executive-driven to Board-driven policy making and planning. Major duties included initiating the adaptive work of reconciling organizational mission to a managed care environment, equipment acquisition, and building an infrastructure of integrated accounting, purchasing, and clerical services to sustain a more complex organization and ensure prudent stewardship of resources. Also assisted the Board of Directors in the design, organization, and implementation of the executive search process.
Executive leadership for statewide organization focused on positive youth development. Organization has a nationally recognized resource center on youth development, and provides research (publishes the Kids Count data book in Indiana), advocacy, and training. Assisted Board of Directors in completing a Revisioning Plan to increase effectiveness (greater accessibility, higher "market penetration", quicker application of new information and technology, and development of new collaborative alliances with kindred organizations) at lower cost. Redesigned the staffing plan, reviewed and recommended changes in internal systems, personnel polices and job descriptions, and implemented some of these changes.
Provided clinical direction for multi-function family counseling agency in recovery from the murder of the Director of Professional Services by a client in the office six months previously. Relieved the Executive Director of the dual role she had assumed during this traumatic period. Helped staff to refocus on organizational mission and their individual mission and gain perspective on their helplessness and victimization. Recruited permanent replacement for the position.
Administration of nine-county comprehensive mental health center with budget of $7.5 million and multi-discipline staff of 200. Programs included out-patient psychiatric services for children and adults, supported community living programs for severely and chronically mentally ill, partial hospitalization program, therapeutic foster care, supported employment program, alcohol and drug abuse treatment, and family planning services. Major duties and challenges included addition of in-patient treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and finding a certifiable temporary facility to house the program, upgrading risk management practices and insurance coverages, initiating modernization of communications systems, business protocols, and management information system, reinstating issuance of annual reports, revising bylaws to comply with current law, developing more open and trusting relationships with the media, and providing leadership and support to the executive search process.
Administration of small nonprofit, county-wide agency with budget of $430,000. Diverse service-area population of 110,000 ranging from Chicago-area commuters to rural constituents with predominantly conservative political and religious views. Programs (family counseling, homemaker service for frail elderly persons, and therapeutic foster care) administered from central office and one branch office. Major duties included maintaining agency stability and positive public image during period of transition, assisting Executive Search Committee with design and implementation of strategies for recruitment and selection of new Executive Director, and preliminary negotiation for renewal of major government contract.
Administration of agency with $1.6 million budget with central office and four branch offices in a large, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic urban area. Guided executive search process to successful conclusion. Reversed serious cash-flow problems by cutting expenses, introducing more efficient operating procedures, and increasing productivity. Presented budget to United Way, received response that exceeded expectations. Assisted Board of Directors in clarifying governance and administrative roles and responsibilities. Provided consultation to Board committee studying Board size and composition, strategies for orientation and renewal, and committee structure.
Administration of agency with budget of $1.5 million with multiple offices in large metropolitan area. Worked closely with Board Search Committee in executive search and selection. Presented annual budgets to two United Way organizations. Established relationships with independent brokers to represent agency interests in key areas: insurance, real estate, and travel. Led negotiations with another agency that had initiated merger discussions; drafted preliminary merger agreement which was approved by both Boards of Directors. Proposed and drafted needed, substantive revisions to Bylaws. Prepared annual report.
Overall administration and leadership in policy development, planning, program evaluation, fund-raising, and public relations for family service agency employing 25 professional staff, with a budget of $1.75 million, operating in a central office and four branch offices in neighboring counties. Programs included individual and family counseling, treatment of domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, employee assistance services, family life education, homemaker service, a program enabling visually impaired adults to remain independent, and an adult guardianship program.
Overall administration of multi-function nonprofit agency serving families and children. Agency provided family counseling, homemaker service, counseling for unmarried parents, adoption, foster care, day care centers for pre-school children, and legal aid.
Organized and operated a new family counseling service in host agency; prepared budgets, employed and supervised staff, provided service. Agency offered counseling to unmarried parents, foster care, adoption, and residential treatment for emotionally disturbed children.
Provided psychotherapy for emotionally disturbed children and their parents. Taught psychiatric residents. Supervised intake service in children's outpatient unit.
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